Why the fight against climate change needs free trade unions

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In October 2021, Earth Strike: Empower the Unions collaborated with Free Our Unions to launch a statement calling for joint struggle between the labour and climate movements against anti-strike laws which constrain workers’ ability to fight for radical action on the environment. This online meeting brings together labour and environmental activists to discuss how that struggle can be built.

The meeting is being co-hosted by a number of the other organisations with signed the October 2021 statement: Green Party Trade Union GroupCampaign Against Climate Change Trade Union GroupWorkers’ LibertyAnti-Capitalist ResistanceScot E3; Earth Strike UK; Free Our Unions

Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88966295409?pwd=WWJkd2FnK0JVMmNxbVBRVlVyM2NWQT09

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