What is the problem?2020-11-15T23:16:26+00:00

We are currently at the beginning of a climate and ecological crisis. Carbon emissions from our growth based capitalist economy are causing the global temperature to rise. This rise in temperature is already changing weather systems, impacting food supplies, increasing flooding and causing severe wildfires all over the world. If we don’t act fast things will only get worse. The only way to tackle the crisis is massive, international and systemic change.

What is Earth Strike trying to do about it?2020-11-15T23:23:24+00:00

In Earth Strike, we believe that the only thing that will force the action necessary to protect the climate is an international general strike. Workers across the world and across all industries would collectively withdraw their labour. This way the entire capitalist economy ceases to function, we then don’t return to work until the necessary changes begin to be made. The best way to force change is to make business as usual impossible. We are working within our unions, workplaces and communities to make this vision of a general strike a reality!

Why a general strike?2020-11-15T23:25:16+00:00

Currently, businesses and governments can damage the environment with impunity. We can protest, we can petition and we can lobby, but ultimately nothing happens. Even if we vote out the current leadership the system stays the same. With a general strike, we hit the system where it hurts; the ability to make money. A company is nothing without its workers; If enough of us collectively decide to stop working, we can bring the whole system to a halt.

We can also use a general strike as an opportunity to try something new, to build new communities and new ways of being. To win the strike workers will need to find new ways to support each other, and that solidarity will last long after the strike has ended.

Is it legal?2020-11-15T23:27:02+00:00

Currently there are very strict laws governing the right to strike in the UK. It is not illegal to Strike, but a dispute must be between a group of workers and their employer. This means that solidarity strikes and political strikes are currently illegal. We are actively campaigning to remove those laws. There are also steps that can be taken to make strike action safer, and we are prepared to take action even if it is illegal.

How is this different from the Youth Strikes?2020-11-15T23:28:22+00:00

The youth strikes aim to mobilize young people to demand climate action by boycotting school and college for one Friday per month. The aim is to have their voices heard. Instead, we want workers from all industries to withdraw their labour for as long as is necessary to force change; we want a general strike. Our objective is not to catch politicians’ and business leaders’ attention, but to stop the system in its tracks.

We fully support the youth strikers and admire their enthusiasm, ingenuity and resolve. We will always stand with them and support them where we can, but we are a different movement with a very different approach.

Shouldn’t we focus on reducing our own carbon footprint?2020-11-15T23:31:09+00:00

Of course we should all aim to reduce our own impact where we can. However, if we are to have any chance of averting catastrophe we need systemic change. Without significantly changing the way our society and economy functions, any personal changes will be insignificant.

Is Earth Strike anti-capitalist?2020-11-15T23:33:01+00:00

Yes. Capitalism is the driving force behind the climate crisis. Governments and multinationals continue to destroy ecosystems in pursuit of profit. But less obviously, capitalism affects every aspect of our society from the way we build houses to the way we farm our land. While profit remains the driving force of our society, it will be impossible to address the climate crisis. You cannot protect the environment without challenging capitalism.

How are you building towards a general strike?2020-11-15T23:34:55+00:00

For a general strike to be successful the entire labour movement needs to be organised, prepared and determined. Unfortunately we are not in that position yet. We won’t call for a general strike until the time is right. In the meantime we will do everything we can to strengthen the labour movement, build worker power and organise our communities.

There isn’t an Earth Strike group in my area, can I start one?2020-11-15T23:36:24+00:00

Anyone can start an Earth Strike chapter as long as they follow our core principles and our constitution. We can help you take the first steps in setting up a new group, so please get in touch. Contact info@earth-strike.co.uk for advice.

I’ve still got questions…2021-02-26T00:00:59+00:00

Take a look at our about us page to learn more about who we are and what we plan to do. If you’ve still got questions after that, feel free to get in touch. Our email address is info@earth-strike.co.uk.

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