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Join us in London on the 26th of May for a demonstration in solidarity with the workers at Kavala Oil in Greece, who have all been laid off on mass by their employer, a London based oil and gas company called Energean. In just over a year Energean has:

  • Announced mass lay-off plans despite receiving $100 million Covid relief funding
  • Illegally sacked 185 skilled and experienced workers
  • Failed to take necessary safety precautions threatening the local community and environment
  • Caused an explosion at Kavala Oil through short-sighted management

We demand a just transition for all people and the planet. Sacking 185 skilled workers is not a just transition! It does nothing to protect the environment and only causes more danger. We need a true just transition carried out and led by unions and the workers themselves! We demand the reinstatement of all 185 workers!

We will be demonstrating outside Energean’s Annual General meeting to show the bosses and their share-holders that this attack on workers and the environment will not be allowed!

Meet by Tower Bridge in Potters Fields Park @ 10am on Thursday 26th of May

Email info@earth-strike.co.uk for more info!
Read and sign our statement: www.earth-strike.co.uk/kavala-solidarity-english

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