Empower the Unions – Open Meeting!

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Earth Strike UK: Empower the Unions is a new initiative by Earth Strike UK, supported by the Free Our Unions campaign. Empower the Unions aims to unite environmental activists and trade unionists to resist legislation that restricts our rights to organise and strike and empower unions to take the action necessary to safeguard our future. We believe that free and active unions have a vital part to play in the just transition to a zero-carbon future. The anti-union and anti-strike legislation designed to suppress union activity is a direct obstacle to a greener world.

Now is the chance to get involved! On the 12th of July we will be hosting an open meeting for anyone to join. Here you can on what our next steps should be and find out how to help organise and build this campaign into a real catalyst for change. Together we can empower our unions and combat the climate crisis.


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